Santiago de Compostela hotel booking and information

hotel Booking and useful tourist information on Santiago de Compostela

Hello world!

Hello, my name is Patricia, I am the owner of a small hotel near Santiago de Compostela, ” Casa de Casal”

I was born here, at the hotel, as it was the family home. Santiago de Compostela is a city I really like. On the Internet you have plenty of information about this city. At the tourist information desk you can be informed about many places and things to do here.
However, my experience shows me that people are missing many interesting things. Just because the tourist information that is usually given, it is repetitive.
I see that people, specially those from abroad, have many questions about Santiago. Sometimes they leave without knowing all the possibilities that Santiago de Compostela offers to those that visit it.

My aim is to help you all to appreciate all the features of this beautiful city.
If you´d like to know about any particular item, just ask me. I will make my best to help you. Maybe it can help more people with the same doubts.


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