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Pazo de Oca

In Galicia we call “pazo”, to those manors where people with a title used to live. I say “used to live”, because many of them were abandoned or at least converted into hotels. Only a few are still used as homes.

Near Santiago de Compostela, you can visit one of those pazos. In this case, the owners , the Dukes of Medinaceli, who live in Seville, have it as a summer residence. That is the reason why you can only visit the garden, not the building.
However, the gardens are the area that is really worth visiting.
They are compared to those in Versailles, Paris. There is a river that crosses the property. It flows into two lakes. Both lakes have an original stone boat in the middle, used as a decoration. There is a myrtle labyrinth and many magical corners you will have to discover.
In winter time the old camellias bloom, showing their unique colors to all the visitors.
If you interested in knowing how the interior looks like, there is a film by Spanish film director Almodovar “ The skin I live in”, that was partially shot there. Concretely, the part when the wedding takes place.

In winter time the ancient camellias bloom. Some of them are unique in Europe. It is worthwhile to visit the Pazo in this period of the year

In order to arrive there, you have to take the N-525 direction Ourense / Chapa . At around 22 km you will find a deviation, at the right, saying “ OCA, A Estrada”. You only have one kilometer to the pazo
The entrance is 4 € per person.  The money is used to keep the gardens. On Mondays, there is free entrance until 12:30. If the door is closed, you just have to ring the bell, because it is opened the whole week, from dusk to down

If you want more information, you can visit their site



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