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Wholesale Food Market Mercado de Abastos


There is a traditional food market in the old center of Santiago de Compostela. There you will find the best quality food products. The food market is placed in the Altamira street area.
Fresh fish : If you want to buy some fish or seafood, I would recommend you to buy it here. It comes everyday from the ships on the coast.
Meat: The galician beef is considered the best meat in Spain. One of the more popular dishes in Galicia, it is the charcoal-grilled beef rib bones.
Vegetables: The country women of the area go to the market to sell the vegetables they grow, mainly in Thursdays and Saturdays. There is a vegetable called  “grelo“, that only grows here in Galicia. It the main ingredient of the Galician soup “caldo gallego”. I can tell you that it has a shape similar to the chard but greener. As to the taste, the only way to know it is by eating it.
Cabbages and cauliflowers are also frequently used in the Galician cuisine.
Bread: It is a basic product of our gastronomy. It is mainly made with wheat flour, but also with cornmeal, or even adding dried grapes to the flour. Sometimes it is baked  in ovens heated with wood. The Galician bread can be kept fresh for several days.
Cheese: The Galician cheese is made mainly with cow milk. So it is a delicate cheese.
It is usually eaten when it is tender. As a dessert, it is frequently eaten with quince jelly. There are many cheese brands. The more popular one is the Arzúa cheese “ Queso tetilla “. It is a cheese with the shape of a woman´s breast. The San Simon cheese  is another famous Galician cheese. It has also the shape of a woman´s breast, but it is a smoked cheese and it is eaten more cured than the Arzúa cheese.

There is a very original restaurant inside the food market. You can buy some meat as an a t-bone steak, any fish or seafood (except octopus) in the market. You go to the restaurant and show the receipt and they will cook it. They will serve it to you in the restaurant. It costs 10 € for the cooking, plus 3 € per person. You have also to pay for the bread and drinks, if you want to have them.
Anyway, it is cheaper than a traditional restaurant and you know exactly the piece of meat or fish you are eating. It is almost impossible to eat a fresher fish.

Opening hours:  Every day (except Sundays and public holidays) from 7 am to 2 pm


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