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Cathedral Catacombs Catacumbas de la Catedral

There is a peculiar tour in Santiago de Compostela that not many people know about it.
Under Santiago´s Cathedral  the old catacombs are hidden.
You can see tombs with their stone graves opened and the corpses inside, that is the reason why the visit is not allowed for children under 14. There are also many skeletons in the walls.
I am sorry but I can not show you any picture. It is forbidden to take them
The visit lasts around 45 minutes. It can be  made in English on previous request.
The tour is made from Monday to Friday, except on holidays and their previous day.
Visits are made with groups of maximum 12 people, only once a day at 16:00 hours. So it is recommended to make the reservation as soon as possible.
For more information you can send a mail to
The telephone numbers is 00 34 981 55 29 85
You can also visit the following site, the “excavation” section.
It is weird, but in the English version there is no reference to the Catacombs visit. It rather seems that it is only allowed for research purposes. However in the Spanish version it explains how to make the reservation,prices and so on. I have contacted them and the excavations can be visited, as the Spanish version says.



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