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Galician crepes Filloas

There is a kind of crepe made in Galicia mainly during Carnival days, its name is Filloa.

The ingredients are simple: water, salt, flour and eggs. It is more tasty if you boil some pork and chicken bones in the water you are going to use, as if you were going to make a soup.

Then you add the flour, eggs and a pinch of salt. Let this mixing settle all night or at least half a day.

Filloas are cooked in the Filloeiro, that is a cast-iron griddle with several holes with the shape of the filloa. We use pork fat instead of butter so that the filloa doesn´t stick.

Before cast-iron existed, people used a granite flat stone to cook them. Nowadays it is still used but is not common.

I remember when I was a child, we used to go to the nearest forest, take some pine leaves and cook the filloa with that fire. Now, butane is used instead.

Although it is salted dish, it fits with many kind of sweet or salted ingredients.

In deserts it is filled with hot chocolate, ice cream,honey, or just sugar

In main courses it is the perfect companion for sausages or the “cocido”, a mixture of different boiled meats that is typical in winter time

In Galicia there are several food festival dedicated to the Filloa. The more important one takes place every first Sunday in Lent, in the village of Lestedo, near Santiago de Compostela.

There you will see the traditional way of cooking it or the modern filloa machine, that produces around 1000 filloas per hour. This machine was invented by a village neighbor, Orlando Vázquez, not long ago.


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