Santiago de Compostela hotel booking and information

hotel Booking and useful tourist information on Santiago de Compostela

Booking a hotel in Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela is crowded with hotels. You can easily find hotels in the old town or in the outskirts. There are hotels for every kind of visitor, cheaper or more expensive hotels. Santiago de Compostela is one of the Spanish cities with more hotels per inhabitant.

Except in summer, Easter and 25th July, when Saint James´s day takes place, I would say it is not necessary to book a hotel in advance. Except if you are interested in a particular hotel.

There are many sites where you can book a room. Most of the hotels have their own site, with a program to make the hotel reservation.

The old part of the city is a beautiful area to look for a hotel. However if you have a car, I would recommend to book a further hotel, a hotel with parking service. As in he old city of Santiago, you can not drive.

If you like the countryside, there are many hotels set in the outskirts of Santiago, not really far from the city. They are hotels with parking facilities. There you will find a special atmosphere where you will feel at home.

The country hotels that you will find in Santiago are ordinary houses. They are buildings with history, places that tell a story about the people that lived in.

So next time to think about booking a hotel, take into account the Santiago de Compostela´s outskirts

May be you will be pleasantly surprised by the unique lodgings that are waiting for you.


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