Santiago de Compostela hotel booking and information

hotel Booking and useful tourist information on Santiago de Compostela

Have you ever tried to book a hotel in the countryside?

Sometimes you are reticent because you are not sure if the staff would speak English.

At this hotel, Casa de Casal, they speak English fluently. But this is not the main reason why you should book here.

It is run by the owner. This is a guarantee because it means every detail is considered and also that you will be treated like at home

It is only at a 10 minute ride from Santiago. I think it is worthy.

No rushes, no noises. It seems as time has stopped here. Don´t you deserve it? A place to relax and enjoy reading, having a walk or simply a place to discover the true galician way of live

The building where the hotel is set was built in the 18th Century, but with all the modern conveniences.

If you have a car it is the perfect option. No parking problems inside the property.

Imagine you opening the window and only hearing the birds singing. Imagine a really big garden with a pond, several waterfall, fruit trees, a swimming pool and terraces with natural shade.

You can have a drink and enjoy peacefulness surrounded by nature

The hotel has an orchard when they grow the vegetables that will be served at diner. They offer you local dishes, not sophisticated but with high quality products. Home made dishes, think about it. I repeat, only at a 10 minute ride

You can find more information on their site. All the bedrooms have big private bathrooms, minibar, free Wifi conection, heating and television

Prices are a bargain. You are offered a higher quality than you could imagine



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